Trend research

Due to its exciting history, Berlin – the most densely populated city in Germany with a population of 3.5 million – has become a real “melting pot”, encompassing a plethora of social consumer groups and has developed into an ideal location for trend research studies over the past few years.

Consequently, we conducted a complete overhaul of our trend research division several years ago. Our recruitment is not based on a dusty stack of dead files and “market research experts”, but conversely relies on innovative solutions such as a lean, dynamic database focusing on up-to-date consumer groups. For challenging recruitment projects, we rely on our trendcasting teams and tailored campaigns to inspire our target group to take part in the “market research experience“. Our database includes photos of our 8000 test persons, because we like to know the people we are talking to.

We cover all established methods and target groups and are working to constantly expand our pool of potential participants from a wide range of target groups. Creative workshops, inhomes, shop alongs and online bulletin boards with millennials, gamers, trendsetters or e-poms? We look forward to your inquiry!

For more information and insights on the trend research department at I+E, please visit:

A selection of areas in which I+E BERLIN has conducted studies:

⦁ Automotive
⦁ Electronics
⦁ Fashion
⦁ Film & television
⦁ Finance
⦁ Body hygiene
⦁ Food

⦁ Media
⦁ Furniture
⦁ Mobile communication
⦁ Onlineshopping
⦁ Politics & Social Affairs
⦁ Traveling
⦁ Software

⦁ Social networks
⦁ Sports brands
⦁ Consumer electronics
⦁ Insurance
⦁ Videogames
⦁ Vitamins
⦁ Tools

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