“I use a blood glucose metre every single day and know exactly what could be done to improve it.”

“If I could, I would rewrite the patient information leaflet of my migraine medication as it is completely unintelligible.”

“Hypertension is not a condition exclusively affecting older people. And yet, it seems as if the industry isn’t even addressing younger patients.”

Patients are the real experts!

I+E Research stands for qualitative medical and pharmaceutical market research. Our healthcare department conducts between 300 and 400 projects annually.

With more than 30,000 contacts to medical professionals, nursing staff, and pharmacists nationwide, a comprehensive database with more than 5,000 patients as well as a vast network of experienced field interviewers in urban centres throughout Germany, we are able to cover every medical indication and every subject matter, ranging from highly prevalent afflictions such as asthma and diabetes to rare diseases.

Berlin – now the city with the highest density of medical professionals in Germany – has always been regarded as a centre of international medical research and development.

The Charité in Berlin-Mitte – one of the largest university hospitals in the world with more than 13,000 employees – has supplied more than half of all German Nobel laureates in the fields of medicine and physiology and was one of the first institutions to embrace biotechnology. The Berlin-Brandenburg region is home to roughly 200 small and medium-sized biotechnology companies as well as more than 20 pharmaceutical companies with a total of approx. 3,700 employees. Over the years, I+E Research has managed to establish itself as a reliable research partner both with office-based medical professionals and clinics.

Although Berlin often serves as a prime location for us due to its size, we cover Germany in its entirety. Did you know, for example, that most liver transplants are performed in Essen or that more hearts are transplanted in Bad Oeynhausen alone than in Berlin, Munich, and Heidelberg combined? Decades of experience in the market have provided us with a good overview on which cities would fare particularly well or, conversely, do rather poorly for your research. We will gladly assist you during the planning phase of your research to designate an ideal location and a suitable recruiting approach tailored to your needs.

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