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Regardless of where in Germany – north, east, south, west – we will find participants!

We scour Germany in search of the most exciting target groups, both geographically and digitally. Whether briefly for a beverage study, or in depth for elite recruitment, our recruitment department consistently solves problems with flexibility and ingenuity. We use a dynamic database with a focus on contemporary and target consumer segments. For particularly demanding quotas and specifications, we rely on our trend casting teams and their outstanding campaigns to inspire your desired target group for the adventure of “market and opinion research”. Our current basic potential of over 20,000 participants and test subjects is more than just completed forms in a database.

We know who we are talking to, how they tick and what they look like!

We surf the waves of the social media world equally as professionally as our analog contacts. Regardless of which channels we are using, we always find new and interested candidates for the latest studies and topics. We apply a spectrum of methodologies and techniques, whilst utilizing the newest technologies. Creative workshops in the studio, online wargames, on-site play and gaming tests, in-home visits, shop-alongs or online bulletin boards with millennials, boomers, gaming nerds, whiskey-tasting enthusiasts or e-poms? We cover it- and we are here for it!

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