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Healthcare Research
Market Research
in Berlin

Nationwide interviews and explorations

We organize studies nationwide with differentiated recruitment, and future-oriented databases with efficient project management. Conducting our studies are our well-versed moderation team, and an established and efficient management team.

Pharma & Healthcare

We pride ourselves on high quality medical and pharmaceutical market research. From asthma to bacterial disease, we’ve worked to cover every  . As an independent research institute, we regularly delve into services in the healthcare sector and produce reports on diverse topics.

Consume & Trend

Berlin is the ideal location for trend research studies. We rely on innovative solutions with our dynamic database and a strong focus on contemporary consumer groups. Be it, creative workshops, in-homes, shop-alongs and online bulletin boards with millennials, gamers or trend setters –  we look forward to your request!

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Our market research team keeps a bright, friendly, and well-furnished studio, fully-equipped with all the professional options akin to conference rooms in top hotels, to the culinary service of a restaurant, and has state-of-the-art media equipment for so that everyone can be there live, even if the entire team cannot be on site.


We have years of experience, and open minds. We moderate, analyse and produce reports and gain useful insights for particularly difficult target groups.


We are a diverse and interconnected team, who feel at ease with pace and thinking on our feet. We’ve been working in this field for long enough that we can push boundaries, and we are intrigued enough to do just that.

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