Can-Do meets self-confidence.

We are closely interconnected, international natives who feel comfortable with speed and enjoy thinking. We have been in the business long enough to recognize where we can push boundaries, and curious enough to want exactly that.

Experience, time, and depth.
The history of ie Research GmbH begins in 1994. Barbara Götz starts in Berlin Kreuzberg and leads a successful field agency for the next five years, which quickly earns an excellent reputation in the market.

This success and the growing expertise were brought into the founding of our own studio in the heart of West Berlin near Ku’damm and the legendary Bahnhof Zoo in 1999. Barbara Götz merges with Interview und Exploration Julia Otte GmbH to form a joint venture, I+E Interview und Exploration Berlin GmbH.

The field agency, along with the popular studio in the historic Bikini building, offering views of both the Berlin Zoo and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, is our home for the next eight years. In 2006, the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof opens, Berlin rearranges itself, a new center emerges. Acknowledging our own success, in 2007 we finally move to Potsdamer Platz. At this new, historically significant location, both the old historic city center and a place vividly divided by the Berlin Wall, the studio is established until 2023. Our current studio, equipped with the latest technology, is once again located in the heart of old West Berlin, in close proximity to Kurfürstendamm.

Since the end of 2010, we have been known as I+E RESEARCH GMBH. We now coordinate approximately 500 qualitative market research projects nationwide annually, focusing on healthcare, trend research, and B2B/B2C.

Great stories from the past are important to us, but an exciting tomorrow is even more important.

Barbara has been with I+E since 1999. She’s well known for her energy and creativity. With Bavarian esprit and an excellent network within the industry, she dares to tackle projects that others don’t dare to try. Shortly after graduating in business administration in the early 1990s, Barbara Götz moved to Berlin, where she set up her first company in the field of market and social research in Kreuzberg. This was followed in 1999 by the founding of I+E Interview und Exploration Berlin GmbH – now I+E BERLIN MARKET RESEARCH GMBH. Two decades later, she is still known for her energy and inventiveness: Privately, as an ambitious horseback-rider with green fingers (that garden!) and a true connoisseur of the best excursion destinations in the Berlin area. Professionally, she dares to take on projects with Bavarian esprit and an excellent network within the industry that others like to keep their hands off. She will be happy to make you an offer.
FRANZ EINERHANDStudio Management and Technical Supervisor
He’ll answer all of your questions surrounding the technicalities of a studio day, from catering to tech. Both clients and fellow employees appreciate his readiness to help, his cordial nature and, of course, his home-made cakes. Franz Einerhand has been the technical studio manager since 2000. He will answer your questions about the course of your studio day, the catering and knows how to help you with any worries about the technical setup. Customers and employees alike appreciate his helpfulness, his cordial nature and the excellent cakes that he regularly transports from his Spandau kitchen to Meinekestraße on one of his scooters.
SILKE VOIGTMANNProject Management & Recruitment
For the past quarter of a century, Silke has been involved in every area of Market Research. She has been responsible for a multitude of projects – experiences which make her professional expertise invaluable. She’s already devoted herself intensively to market research during her studies in communication sciences. Silke has been working in all areas of qualitative market research for a quarter of a century now and has long since earned herself a monument in Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. During this time, she has worked on a wide variety of projects – her experience and wide-ranging knowledge make her professional expertise simply priceless. Born in the tranquil town of Radebeul, Silke left for West Berlin only to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall just two years later. Silke fell completely in love with market research while studying communication sciences. Only Cirque du Soleil took care of three years of leave by welcoming her as an accompanying member. BUT: She’s long since returned – and we’re doing our best to keep her there!
ANDREAS HÜFFERSenior Moderation & Research Director
This linguist and communication scientist has been with us since the 90s and loves research: health psychology, supervision and Balint-group-moderation, and other facets of our process. There’s hardly a topic on which he hasn’t conducted research; be it as a moderator or a research director. From the design to the final presentation: every study passes through his experienced hands.
Amongst friends and colleagues, Aydin is known for being a globetrotter. After spending three years making the impossible possible as a concierge in luxury hotels, she moved onto travelling the world and finally landed in Berlin. Her extensive knowledge and worldly experiences support us greatly within our recruitment team.
From the North Sea coast to the big city – Aydin Hussein is known among friends and family as a globetrotter. After many years working in the luxury hotel industry as a concierge, where she pursued the fulfillment of the most daring guest wishes – hiring a train for private purposes, finding the fastest car under the sun, a piece of cake for this woman. After three years of making the impossible possible, she moved out into the world. From Cuba to Weimar to Israel, she dedicated her sabbatical year to traveling and preparing for her Semitic studies at the Free University of Berlin. Away from work, Aydin invests her time in giving her body the necessary balance to her working day by running, climbing and belly dancing. As a dog mom, she explores the capital and its surroundings together with Goofy, a dachshund mix, and now faces the challenges of market research.
Her analytical mind has been sharpened to a razor’s edge by the whetstone of her philosophy studies, enabling her to familiarize herself with new topics with ease and recognize most complex relationships. She is able to deal professionally and individually with all customers – consumers and specialist staff alike.
LAUREN STEPHENSProject Management
Lauren is a true multi-talent, both in languages and culture. Communication, organization and planning – three things that have brought her passions and her talents together. Lauren has tried her hand at various fields, but in the end, she couldn’t ignore her love for a well-organized Excel spreadsheet!
Lauren is a true multi-talent, both in languages and art. She moved to Berlin from Blackpool (England) in 2016. Her passion for languages brought her to Germany, but essentially she fell in love with the culture and vowed she would never leave. On the side, Lauren invests her free time in her musical theater club and experiments with cooking and graphic design. Communication, organization and planning – three things that have brought her passions and her talents together. Lauren has tried her hand in a variety of fields, but in the end, she couldn’t ignore her love for a well-organized Excel spreadsheet! If that isn’t the perfect symbiosis, because we can offer her more of that every day.
DENISE SWENSSONProject Management
Hailing from southern Germany and having spent years in Spain, Denise is a trained office administrator with interpreting experience and is therefore not only proficient organizationally, but also in a number of language. English, Spanish and French are no challenge for her.
She has many years of experience in market research, as a project manager and also in recruitment and now enriches our team as a project manager in the consumer sector. Structure and close cooperation with clients is very important to her. In her free time, she spends time with her children and traveling is also a great passion of hers.
Our new addition from Munich found his way into market research while studying history and communication science and now has more than 20 years of professional experience as a project manager, whether in the pharmaceutical, B2B or consumer sector. His philosophy is to offer each client an individually tailored solution – no matter how challenging the project is.
Martina found her way to us after studying, training, many years in a bank, extended family time and 12 years of experience in recruitment. Thanks to her many years in market research, she has excellent contacts with healthcare professionals at all levels and knows exactly what she is doing. As a professional with extensive knowledge and a lot of charm, she strengthens our pharmaceutical recruitment. In her free time, she spends a lot of time traveling or exploring culture, another of her passions.
Klaudia only arrived here in 2022, but she has been conquering Berlin for 11 years now. Her determination has meant that, despite her initially dubious knowledge of German, she has managed to successfully complete an apprenticeship as an event manager and then take the market research industry by storm. She is an organizational freak, so even the smallest detail doesn’t escape her notice. She has brought a lot of positive energy to our company and is loved by everyone, both us and our customers.

The experts for healthcare

As an independent research agency, I+E Research regularly examines products and services in the healthcare sector. We routinely organize seminars and interview experts – and users – to this end. We also write studies and trend reports on subjects.

Improving a healthcare product means letting doctors and healthcare professionals have their say – but also listening to the patients who use those products. For this reason, in recent years our surveys have increasingly focused on patients and end users. We are convinced that medical products and devices can best be optimized with the support of those affected.

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