Confidence and a can-do attitude

We are closely networked international natives who feel comfortable with pace and love to think. We have been in the business long enough to know where we can push boundaries, and we are curious enough to strive for that very goal.

Experience, time, and depth
The story of I+E Research GmbH begins in 1994. Barbara Götz founded a fieldwork agency in Berlin Kreuzberg which she led for the following five years, managing to garner a formidable reputation in the market after a short start-up phase.

The success of the first fieldwork agency and growing expertise led to the establishment of a new studio in the West of Berlin, close to Kurfürstendamm and the legendary Bahnhof Zoo, in 1999. Barbara Götz and Interview and Exploration Julia Otte GmbH merged to form I+E Interview and Exploration Berlin GmbH.

The popular studio in the historic Bikini building, boasting a view of the Berlin Zoo as well as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, became the fieldwork agency’s home for eight years. 2006 saw the opening of Berlin’s new Central Station, initiating a period of urban restructuring and the development of a new city centre. Thanks to its successful business, the company was able to relocate to Potsdamer Platz in 2007. Here, in the city’s historical centre and the place where the Wall formed a harsh dividing line between East and West, our current state-of-the-art 650-sqm studio has been located ever since – right in the middle of Berlin’s revived, architecturally diverse, and ever-changing heart.        

In late 2010, the company was renamed I+E Research GmbH. Currently, we coordinate some 500 nationwide qualitative market research projects per year, with a focus on healthcare, trend research, and B2B/B2C.

In 2017, we set up shop in Düsseldorf, a vital location within Germany’s largest metropolitan area. Originally a part of the successful core business of Interview and Exploration Julia Otte GmbH, I+E Studio Düsseldorf offers the same range of services available in Berlin as well as the right mix of long-standing experience and modern quality management.    

While we enjoy great stories about the past, an exciting future is much more important to us.

Even behind the scenes a strong gang.

Barbara Götz


Shortly after graduating with a degree in business management in the early 1990s, Barbara Götz moved to Berlin, where she set up her first company in the area of market and social research in Kreuzberg. In 1999, she founded I+E Interview and Exploration Berlin GmbH – today’s I+E Research GmbH. Two decades later, she is still known for her energy and wealth of ideas: Privately an ambitious equestrian with a significant green thumb (that garden!), Barbara is also a true expert on the best retreats and destinations for an extensive outing in Berlin and its surroundings. With her Bavarian esprit and an excellent network within the industry, she constantly challenges herself with projects that others would gladly shy away from. It would be her pleasure to draft you a proposal.

Andreas Hüffer

Senior Moderator

Andreas Hüffer has been an integral part of the I+E Research team since the 1990s. After graduating with a degree in linguistics and communication science, he completed further training in psychotherapy and Balint group moderation at a university hospital for forensic psychiatry. Almost 20 years later, there is hardly a medical indication he has not worked with. From widespread afflictions to rare diseases, he will not only moderate your interviews, but is able to reveal hidden insights based on his vast experience from the hundreds of studies he has conducted. A passionate moderator, Andreas Hüffer loves people and exchange. Feel free to see for yourself and strike up a conversation about basketball or the history of archery. Our service team will go ahead and chill a beer for you in anticipation.

Silke Voigtmann

Project Management & Recruitment

For a quarter of a century, Silke Voigtmann has worked in qualitative market research – a fact that should have earned her a waxwork effigy at Madame Tussauds. During this time, Silke has mastered a variety of positions and projects, thus bringing an experiential as well as professional expertise to the table that is simply priceless. Born and raised in the arguably picturesque small town of Radebeul, West Berlin kept calling – a call that Silke happily accepted and that secured her a front row seat for the German reunification / fall of the Berlin Wall only two years later. Her profound relationship with market research, which already started during her communication studies, was only put on hold for a three-year adventure as an accompanying crew member of Cirque du Soleil. Now that Silke is back, we will give our best to make her stay for good!

Franz Einerhand

Technical Supervisor & Service Manager

Franz Einerhand has been responsible for all things technical at I+E Research since 2000. He will gladly answer all of your questions regarding your day at our studio, the catering, or any queries you might have as to the technical setup. Clients and employees alike appreciate his helpfulness, his jovial nature, and the exquisite cakes he regularly transports from his Spandau kitchen to Potsdamer Platz on one of his scooters.

Maike Effing


Maike has been a part of our team since 2014. Lucky us. She moved from cosy Munster to bustling Berlin in 2012, where she completed her master’s degree in philosophy in 2018. We quickly realized that her analytical mind was honed by the whetstone that is philosophy to compete with a razor’s edge. Quickly familiarizing herself with new topics and seeing through even the most complex contexts seems to come so easy to her – it’s almost scary. We don’t even have an idea what her ceiling might be – confident and friendly interaction with clients, relaxed focus groups with consumers or professional collaboration sessions with HCPs – no sweat for her.

Naturally Maike enjoys seeking special challenges in her free time. One-week Vipassana meditation course – vow of silence included, weeklong interval fasting at a Buddhist monastery in Bali or backpacking for months in Asia – Maike is an explorer.  We just didn’t get what’s so adventurous about the Yoga and the choir-singing thing she loves so much.

Lauren Stephens

Project Management & Recruitment

Multi-talented in both languages and the arts, Lauren moved from Blackpool to Berlin in 2016. Her love for languages brought her to Germany, but she essentially fell in love with the culture, swearing she will never leave. On the side, Lauren invests her free time into her Musical Theater Society, as well as experimenting with cooking and graphic design. Communication, organisation and planning- three things that brought both her passions and her talents together. Lauren has tested the water in a variety of fields, but ultimately could not ignore her love of a well organised spreadsheet! What a brilliant match that is – because we have lots of that and provide her with new ones every day. New to the world of Market Research, her skills and love for organisation and management put her in the best position to take on this new challenge.

Project Management

Nadia is a lively character in the team, never failing to keep spirits high. Growing up in different corners of Germany, in the Middle East and in South East Asia, Nadia brings real-life experience to her role in market research. Her experiences in hospitality only enrich this knowledge, making her a real trend expert. Outside of work, you can find her watching her favourite sports teams or getting stuck into some crazy DIY project. Nadia’s ability to mould herself to different situations makes her an office-loved ‘go-to-girl’ for any queries or help our employees and clients so urgently need.

Aydin Hussein


From the North Sea coast to the big city – Aydin Hussein is known among friends and family as a globetrotter. After many years working in the luxury hotel industry as a concierge, where she pursued the fulfilment of the most daring guest wishes – hiring a train for private purposes, finding the fastest car under the sun, for this woman a cinch. After three years of making the impossible, possible, she moved out into the world. From Cuba to Weimar to Israel, she dedicated her sabbatical year to travelling and preparing for her Semitic studies at the Free University of Berlin. Away from work, Aydin invests her time in giving her body the necessary balance to her everyday working life by running, climbing and belly dancing. As a dog mum, she explores the capital and its surroundings together with Goofy, a dachshund mix, and is now taking on the challenges of market research.

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